Welcome to Kittyfox Communications!

Welcome to Kittyfox Communications, a small and private network devoted to the support and personal entertainment of its sponsers.

Through much effort and unexpected trouble, Kittyfox is getting a new look. Having languished in custom written pages for the past many years, and with the development of rather successful frameworks for website development, it was time for a change. Of course with change comes lots of effort, making things that worked with the custom code work in the new framework, and sometimes selecting new software to replace the old. The bulk of that work is complete. More changes are in the works, so stop back by and check us out again.

UPDATE 10-1-12: As computers are want to do, sometimes they need some 'time off'. In this case, the time off requested by Kittyfox's servers was at the expense of it's hard drive. As such, considerable efforts were made to restore services as they were prior to the unexpected vacation, though not all aspects were restored successfully. Apologies in advance if there are any remaining glitches in our web presence.