It has been quite a while since I last posted my thoughts for anyone else to see. Frankly, with all that's been going on, I guess I didn't feel the need to do so. Self-delusions about the value of my words aside, there are times which writing helps me think. If others share a little in that thinking process... well, the human race already operates on herd mentality. It's time I partook of some of it.

Work is. There's really no words quite able to describe the mire. I was informed last Friday that a coworker of mine, the second since our team was formed back in September, had found himself another job and was moving on. I say good for him. I think why can't I do that too? I hesitate because of the desire to get a house soon. Three months and our lease will need to be renewed, or we'll need to be out. I also hesitate because I want to Stick It to the Man (TM), as it were. I have 2 more tests to take to be MCSA certified, and I'd like at least that before I walk out the door. My motivation to finish went from solid drive to glancing at my list occasionally. I'm pretty much ready, I just can't run the reviews a few more times to really feel OK about it. I don't REALLY want to pay for the tests myself, but they're only $125, not like the $$$$$$$$...$$$ for Cisco CCNA. I feel myself getting more motivated about finding other employment, though. I'm working with idiots. Just today, one of my coworkers was detailing to a user how he was going to install some video drivers... by downloading them and copying them to his system behind the scenes. I don't know about him, but when I download an installer from Dell, it doesn't really let me install it without using the console of the machine. Just copying the installer to his system isn't going to install the drivers.
Yesterday? I'm asked to move cubes, into another one with a "team lead" I can't stand. Too much caffeine, never has a bad day, constantly one-upping any story you tell with one of his own (true or not). I don't know how long I can handle working here if I'm going to leave with a migraine every day.
As mentioned, I'm hoping to get moved into an honest to god house, something of our own. I keep needing to contact the real estate agency to set up an appointment and interview them. I need to contact my sister and figure out if her bank is able to assist with mortgages. If not, or even if so, I need to seriously figure out how to get one, and how much we can afford. No car payments anymore, and our debt load is shrinking little by little. However, it still seems like a trial and a half just to get enough cash freed up for a house. And then, a down payment! I hear that FHA loans require as little as 3%, but what we have saved isn't likely to be suitable for both closing costs and a down payment of 3%. I'm going to wind up pulling all my hair out, I'm sure.
However, on the bright side, my daughter is doing wonderfully. From little infant to a toddling baby, she's up and mobile on her feet. She falls from time to time, but she picks herself back up and toddles on. In fact, it seems like that is her preferred method of locomotion these days. 11 months old as of Sunday. How the time has passed. I think no little blurb would do justice to the way she helps me out.
I'm sure I could ponder more. The wisdom of my attempting to garden, or my choices in the attempt. I think I'll just end this thought by saying it's going to be an interesting few months.


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